About Urban Pets

Urban Pets is a family owned and operated company dedicated to improving the bond we all share with our pets. The company was formed by pet owners for pet owners with a desire to bring better pet health maintenance by offering high quality nutrition, supplements, and qualified CPG Pet Groomers.

Our friendly Pet Specialists receive regular comprehensive training directly from each pet manufacturer to ensure that the latest up to date information is passed to you the pet owner so together we can help every pet owner make informed decisions helping each pet live a long and healthy life.

We carry a large selection of Live Fish, Small Animals, and Reptiles as well as the supplies to provide proper health, happiness and nutrition. Pets are family members and we all want the relationships we share together to be fun and long lasting. At Urban Pets we will strive each day to ensure that every pet owner has the tools necessary to ensure a lasting bond.


Our Grooming team consists of highly trained individuals with a strong passion for your pet's well being. Urban Pets Groomers receive yearly training from Canadian Pet Groomers Association Instructors on pet styles and safety.

We specialize in Senior care, Rescue dogs, behavioral issues and puppy's first groom. Our pet stylists provide hands on care for your pet in a gentle caring environment.

Whether your needing a routine clean up, all over groom, or a splash of colour at Urban Pets our trained Pet Stylists are available to discuss your pet's needs!