Tips for Cat Grooming

Many clients have grooming issues with their cats whether they're long or short haired cats.
At our grooming salon we see multiple issues facing cat owners. Elderly cats have difficulties keeping up with their own grooming routines. The other problem owners face is that their cat hates to be brushed or cleaned. I had one frustrated client come to see me covered in scratches and bandages. Holistic calming aids are available in a liquid form or soft treat chew and these aids can be very effective in relaxing your cat to get ready to be groomed. I really stress having the proper tools when grooming your cat. A cats skin in much thinner
than a dogs so grooming a cat must be done properly or they will definitely retaliate with painful expression. There are also fantastic de-matting sprays and waterless bath products to keep your cat more comfortable during the grooming process. For specific products to use on your cat please email with specifics.