Skin Problems for Dogs and Cats

The cold dry winter weather creates challenges to the skin and immunity of our pets. One unpleasant and sometimes frustrating issue for owners and pets is a Hot spot also known as pyotraumatic dermatitis. Some causes of these troublesome skin issues is allergies, fleas, mites, and a compromised immune system. The appearance of a hot spot will vary but most start with red inflamed skin, oozing puss, hair loss and obsessive biting and scratching by the pet. When the hot spot flairs it is important to shave the area and keep it dry and clean. The moisture excreted harbors dirt and bacteria therefore making the area worse. It is always advised to see your Vet to treat the sore but there are natural remedies available. Diet and nutritional needs need to be addressed as well as looking at the wellbeing of the pets daily life requirements.