Fishtank Tips and Tricks

Fish selection is very important to ensure you have a peaceful tank. Make sure you discuss any pre-existing fish being housed in your tank before you decide which new fish to add. Water temperatures change from species to species in fish as does compatibility and aggression levels. I know fish are pretty but make sure that the colourful fish chosen are compatible.
Proper tank set up must be done properly before you buy fish.

Here are some tips for a new tank set up:

- Choose your location wisely, You want no direct sunlight as this will cause an excess of algae.

- Make sure the floor is level and will support the weight. Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon, so you can see the larger tanks can have some substantial weight.

- Put the tank on the stand and check for level. An uneven tank can cause the glass to crack from stress.

- Wash your gravel well to remove all sediment.

- Slowly fill the tank with water from a hose or bucket. Try not to disturb the decor.
Once the water has reached the minimum level for the heater and filter, you can start these up. Let it run overnight to stabilize the temperature. If your not using live plants you can add them now and fill the tank almost full.

- Once stabile add your live plants with the tall growing ones to the back and sides.
Add your cover and lighting. You might want to put the lights on a timer as this helps keep your maintenance down. Lamp timers can be found in most department stores.

- Let the whole system run for a few days to ensure any excess sentiment has been cleared.