• Beautiful Day for a Bath

    Cockatoo's need to be bathed to keep feathers hydrated,

    remove dust and dirt, and keep the skin healthy.  A weekly bathing routine is ideal to maintain your cockatoo.  If you choose to shower your Cockatoo remember to not have the shower head on too firm of a setting.  Once your Cockatoo is familiar with the bathing routine you will love the bonding time together.  Have fun!

  • Cat Nail Caps

    If you are struggling with a Cat and or Kitten who is scratching and being destructive?  Gel Caps are easily glued to the Cat's existing nail allowing for comfortable retraction and natural extension of the nail without damage to your furniture or skin.  If you would like more information please call and speak to one of our Groomers at 604-455-9389.

  • Puppy's First Groom

    We have had many Pet Parents come in this week with a new puppy.  Congratulations to all the new pet Parents!  I want to take a moment to inform everyone of the importance of starting grooming early especially if you have a toy breed such as a Shitzu, Maltese, Yorkie ect.  Make sure your puppy has completed its shots before Grooming as recommended by your Veterinarian.  Please come in shortly after for a Puppy Groom to familiarize your puppy with the dryers, the noises, the new smells and different environment.  Your puppy will take a few appointments to get used to the process.  I understand Pet parents nervous nature when dropping off their baby.  Your puppy will fuss their first time, not to worry its all apart of the adjustment process.  We are here to help your new puppy learn to deal with the Grooming process.  If you have any further questions or concerns please ask one of our Groomers or call 604-455-9389 to discuss your questions.

  • Volunteering at Urban Pets

    Do you have a Youth who is Passionate about pets and wants to learn more about animal care?

    Would your Youth enjoy taking more responsibility and sharing their animal passions with others?

    If you answer yes to these questions at Urban Pets we are very pleased to offer our Youth Volunteer program. Your Youth will work with our Animal Care team to learn about small animals, birds, fish and observe how we groom dogs and cats. We currently have a spay/neuter program for Rabbits which once litter trained and socialized by our Youth Program the rabbits are adopted to loving families. If you would like more information on our Youth Volunteer Program please call 604-455-9389 or come in the store.

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