• Beautiful Day for a Bath

    Cockatoo's need to be bathed to keep feathers hydrated,

    remove dust and dirt, and keep the skin healthy.  A weekly bathing routine is ideal to maintain your cockatoo.  If you choose to shower your Cockatoo remember to not have the shower head on too firm of a setting.  Once your Cockatoo is familiar with the bathing routine you will love the bonding time together.  Have fun!

  • Cat Nail Caps

    If you are struggling with a Cat and or Kitten who is scratching and being destructive?  Gel Caps are easily glued to the Cat's existing nail allowing for comfortable retraction and natural extension of the nail without damage to your furniture or skin.  If you would like more information please call and speak to one of our Groomers at 604-455-9389.

  • Hamster Grooming

    Hamsters need tender loving care when it comes to grooming.

    Their tiny nails and feet need cleaning and trimming regularly to keep them healthy and happy.   Thanks to the Groomers at Urban Pets.

  • SELF BATHING $10.00

    Do you need to bath your dog after a fun day at the lake or park? Come and enjoy our Grooming facilities for $10.00 per dog.  No matter how big or small you can wash your pet for $10.00 for 15min.  Includes shampoo, 1 towel, and  the use of our force dryer.  We look forward to seeing you Sunday and Monday!

  • Thank You Community!

    i want to take a moment to send a sincere Thank you to our Senior Clients today.  It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to Groom your Dogs and enjoy sharing life stories together.  I have met so many amazing ladies in the community who have lived and are living incredible lives.  Today I want to express my gratitude for being able to share in some of your life's moments and what a joy it is to interact with each one of you.  Community is amazing!

  • I'm a Hansom Bird

    We Love being Pet parents

  • Skunk Spraying Dogs

    Over the last 2 weeks we have had multiple pet owners come to the grooming shop with the horrible skunk spray on their dog.  So clients, frustrated with the pungent odor always ask what is skunk spray?  The spray is produced by the anal glands of the skunk to defend against predators and contains sulfurous chemicals called thiols. Since skunks can spray this liquid as far as 15 feet, it’s common for dogs to get a blast directly in the face.  Call to speak to one of our Groomers to book a treatment right away.  please don't feel embarrassed by the odor as we are used to treating the problem.  We have clients leaving their dogs in the house for days stinking up their home because they were overwhelmed by what to do.  This time of year is common for skunks so try to bring your dogs in at night.  We are here to help if your dog gets sprayed!

  • Creative Styling Day

    Thanks Urban Pets!

  • Ready for the Sun

    Thanks Groom Team I feel fantastic!

  • Kitty Spa Day!

    Thanks for making my self grooming easier Urban Pets.  I feel Great!

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