• Volunteering at Urban Pets

    Do you have a Youth who is Passionate about pets and wants to learn more about animal care?

    Would your Youth enjoy taking more responsibility and sharing their animal passions with others?

    If you answer yes to these questions at Urban Pets we are very pleased to offer our Youth Volunteer program. Your Youth will work with our Animal Care team to learn about small animals, birds, fish and observe how we groom dogs and cats. We currently have a spay/neuter program for Rabbits which once litter trained and socialized by our Youth Program the rabbits are adopted to loving families. If you would like more information on our Youth Volunteer Program please call 604-455-9389 or come in the store.

  • Adoptions at Urban Pets

    Details coming soon!

  • Dog and Cat Ear Infections

    Dogs and cats experience discomfort in their ears regularly. Spotting the signs in your pet is very important. If you see your pet continually scratching at their ears or shaking their heads in order to get their ears to flap then an irritant has began. Common ear issues start to grow from bacteria or yeast inside the ear. Digestive problems can also cause ear infections. If you notice red, hot ears with an odour or dark black discharge it is advised to see your Vet for treatment. There are natural holistic remedies to treat ear infections as well and your pet's diet must be addressed when the problem is likely digestive related. Supplements help to support a strong immune system and a healthy diet will help your pet's digestion stay strong and regular.
  • Skin Problems for Dogs and Cats

    The cold dry winter weather creates challenges to the skin and immunity of our pets. One unpleasant and sometimes frustrating issue for owners and pets is a Hot spot also known as pyotraumatic dermatitis. Some causes of these troublesome skin issues is allergies, fleas, mites, and a compromised immune system. The appearance of a hot spot will vary but most start with red inflamed skin, oozing puss, hair loss and obsessive biting and scratching by the pet. When the hot spot flairs it is important to shave the area and keep it dry and clean. The moisture excreted harbors dirt and bacteria therefore making the area worse. It is always advised to see your Vet to treat the sore but there are natural remedies available. Diet and nutritional needs need to be addressed as well as looking at the wellbeing of the pets daily life requirements.
  • Fishtank Tips and Tricks

    Fish selection is very important to ensure you have a peaceful tank. Make sure you discuss any pre-existing fish being housed in your tank before you decide which new fish to add. Water temperatures change from species to species in fish as does compatibility and aggression levels. I know fish are pretty but make sure that the colourful fish chosen are compatible.
    Proper tank set up must be done properly before you buy fish.

    Here are some tips for a new tank set up:

    - Choose your location wisely, You want no direct sunlight as this will cause an excess of algae.

    - Make sure the floor is level and will support the weight. Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon, so you can see the larger tanks can have some substantial weight.

    - Put the tank on the stand and check for level. An uneven tank can cause the glass to crack from stress.

    - Wash your gravel well to remove all sediment.

    - Slowly fill the tank with water from a hose or bucket. Try not to disturb the decor.
    Once the water has reached the minimum level for the heater and filter, you can start these up. Let it run overnight to stabilize the temperature. If your not using live plants you can add them now and fill the tank almost full.

    - Once stabile add your live plants with the tall growing ones to the back and sides.
    Add your cover and lighting. You might want to put the lights on a timer as this helps keep your maintenance down. Lamp timers can be found in most department stores.

    - Let the whole system run for a few days to ensure any excess sentiment has been cleared.

  • Customer Question #2

    Can I take my guinea pig for a walk?

    A great way for kids to enjoy their guinea pigs is to have the small animal leash and harness. The harness fits easily and your pig should easily enjoy the new controlled freedom. Your child can walk their pig in the yard with ease and not worry about the guinea pig getting away. Just remember to watch for loos dogs or cats when walking your guinea pig.

  • Urban Pets | Blog

    How to stop your cat from scratching the furniture

  • Tips for Cat Grooming

    Many clients have grooming issues with their cats whether they're long or short haired cats.
    At our grooming salon we see multiple issues facing cat owners. Elderly cats have difficulties keeping up with their own grooming routines. The other problem owners face is that their cat hates to be brushed or cleaned. I had one frustrated client come to see me covered in scratches and bandages. Holistic calming aids are available in a liquid form or soft treat chew and these aids can be very effective in relaxing your cat to get ready to be groomed. I really stress having the proper tools when grooming your cat. A cats skin in much thinner
    than a dogs so grooming a cat must be done properly or they will definitely retaliate with painful expression. There are also fantastic de-matting sprays and waterless bath products to keep your cat more comfortable during the grooming process. For specific products to use on your cat please email with specifics.

  • Customer Question #1

    I've downsized into a smaller townhouse or condo and now my cat has to stay indoors and is tearing apart my furniture so what can I do?

    I am asked this question all the time. Firstly don't feel guilty your cat still loves you regardless.
    There is a fantastic clear film available that sticks to couches, carpet areas and even for plant pot holders. The clear film won't damage your furniture you just peel and stick the clear film to the surface that your cat is destroying. Cats dislike anything to do with their feet and getting stuck is a huge deterrent. No more squirt bottles or screaming at the cat to stop the destructive behaviour. Peel and stick and then replace as the product wears over time. We always stock the packages.

  • Guinea Pigs as Pets

    Guinea Pigs are a wonderful family pet. They are herd animals so keeping them in pairs is helpful to keep them from becoming depressed. They require daily socialization so keep your guinea pigs in an area where they can interact with you. Feeding your guinea pig is a fun experience as they squeak when a bag is rustled at feeding time. Your guinea pig needs to be fed hay at 6 months of age or older. Timothy hay needs to be free fed meaning that it is left in the cage at all times. Just remember to flatten it down to not cause injury to your pet. Lack of hay can lead to malocclusion, a misalignment of the teeth that may require surgical correction, and GI Stasis, shutting down of the digestive tract often leading to death. Also Guinea Pig servings should include plenty of vegetables high in vitamin C. Guinea pigs are unable to produce their own vitamin C, and too little of the vitamin can lead to illnesses. Veggies that are good for guinea pigs include celery, carrots, off-the-vine tomatoes, cucumber, corn, kale, a bit of raw broccoli, small amounts of spinach and pod-peas. Be sure to limit servings of some vegetables to avoid serious harm to the guinea pigs’ digestive tracts. Some fruits are ok for guinea pig treats such as strawberries and apple pieces but these can only be given occasionally as some of the acids can be harmful to guinea pigs. Keep their diets well balanced and you will enjoy your guinea pig for years to come!

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